As we all know PDF files have grown substantially in the last decade to become one of the most widely-used document formats and there are many reasons behind that. First , PDF offers some measures of security where the user can use password encryption to protect sensitive documents. …

Healthcare involves offering quality, which encompasses different definitions for clients, professionals, managers, policy makers and payers. As such, quality improvement methods require a tactical, well-studied approach supported by accurate data collection and analysis to solve its problems.

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) allows us to work on developing and improving systematic…

Credit TOR video

W e all fascinated by the tales of explorations and learning about secrets.That’s why crime investigation shows, TMZ and other media outlets that focus on these themes are booming.

Since the conception of the internet, governments and private citizens alike have been imagining ways to exchange communications anonymously.

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If you looking for crisis response, human rights reporting, and election monitoring application look no further . Its called Ushahidi Open Source Platform.

Ushahidi offers products that enable local observers to submit reports…

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